Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Haven’t been able to blog for quite some time. It’s been very busy at work. Looking forward to some relaxation during Durga Puja holidays next month.

This weekend I spent quite a few hours at nearby IIM-Calcutta campus with some of my (ex-IIMC) colleagues. It felt very nice to be back in a campus environment, away from the chaos of city life. Familiar books could be seen in student rooms. A grocery shop on campus was named Kotler shop, after the famous marketing author, because of some marketing tricks the owner had used to sell his stuff.

ISB Info Session wasn’t very different from last year. The questions from applicants were similar to what we had in our time. A video, recounting life at ISB, was also shown. I guess my next brush with ISB admissions would be during the interview phase.

An alum sent us all a picture of ISB campus as seen on Google Earth. That got me hooked. One can spend hours on Google Earth and not get bored. It is such an exciting tool. Even CNN can be seen using it. Technology rules!


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Have been extremely busy with an RFP response. It has become routine to stay past 9 pm in office. The positive side to it is that the drive home is much quicker at late night with less traffic on the roads!
ISB Information Session in Kolkata will be held next Sunday, and am planning to be present there. Had missed the recent alumni get-together, so this will be a good opportunity to catch up with alums and with ISB Admissions staff. Am also planning to visit ISB during Solstice in December.
While cleaning up my messy room, I found ‘The Inscrutable Americans’ by Anurag Mathur. It begged to be re-read, and am rolling on the floor laughing at the story of Gopal at a US university. Next book on my list would be the one on life in IIT Delhi written by some past students.


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