Saturday, February 02, 2008

Am still in Wilmington, Delaware. Bought a house. It is under construction , but it will look somewhat like this when complete in six months.

Since the housing market is in a bad shape, I figured now would be a good time to get into a house as builders are offering various incentives. There are even some who are offering a free Hummer if you buy a house! I got quite a few upgrades (stone front, finished basement, Jacuzzi etc) in the house free. Only time will tell if I made a sound decision, as I intend to sell it in a few years.

Last week visited Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. Vegas is truly a city of lights. The hotels are huge; in fact about 15 of the largest 20 in the world are in Vegas. It’s quite a sight.

Since ISB is a young school, it did not qualify to enter international ranking exercises so far. But this year, for the first time, it entered itself into the Financial Times rankings (http://rankings.ft.com/global-mba-rankings) of top MBA programs worldwide, and it did so with a bang! ISB is ranked at number 20, ahead of established schools like Kellogg, Duke, Michigan and Cornell! It’s a nice feeling to see one’s school ranked in Top 20 in the world. However, one has to read the rankings carefully, as different rankings use different criteria, and you may find a number one ranked school not figuring in Top 20 in the rankings of a rival publisher.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl. I feel Patriots will beat Giants, but you never know. Last year I had a chance to go see the Philadelphia Eagles from a JPMorgan Chase VIP Suite at the Lincoln Financial Field. It was an awesome experience. Will be watching Super Bowl on TV though. There is a Super Bowl party at a friend’s place, and on the agenda is a post-game Nintendo Wii tournament! Should be fun


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