Thursday, August 11, 2005

A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for. This argument was given to me by a fellow driver when he saw my car’s condition. An unlicensed driver had failed to apply brakes in time, and had smashed into my car’s rear when I was standing at a traffic signal. The repair estimate is Rs 40k. The car would be in the repair shop for two weeks, and the insurance does not cover a replacement car for the duration.

In other news, I am required to go back to Dallas towards the end of this month for a few weeks. I have expressed my unwillingness to undertake this travel due to family reasons, let’s see if I can have my way.

Was in discussions with a Director about business growth in our sub-vertical, and we came up with some strategies that I might pursue with a team of business analysts.

Five of us went out for lunch today, and it so happened that all five were from different institutes – ISB, IIM-A, B, C and XLRI. One common thread is that everyone had to undergo the same torture at b-school – arbit CP (class participation) involving global comments. Apparently every classroom in every b-school has these CP gods and goddesses! I was glancing through a blog of a current ISB student, and discovered that the current batch has maintained the tradition. Keep it up!


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Moving out of b-school and into the corporate world brings with it a lot of changes. Adhering to dress code is not the least of them. As a student, I had a free run as far as attire was concerned. In fact we also had dress-themed parties where we could bring out our wild side. One such party called for slumber dressing, resulting in us turning up in night suits, shorts and pyjamas. One was a traffic light party where we could wear red, green etc as per our marital status. Most of us went to classes in jeans or cargos or even shorts. Immediately after graduation, I had to go for a wardrobe update to prepare for the corporate world. I hated wearing business casuals, but had no alternative. Slowly, after four months of post-MBA life, I feel business casual is the best way to dress. It makes one look smart and professional, and makes me realize I am not in school anymore. But I still eagerly look forward to Fridays as we have casual Friday dressing in place.

More later.


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