Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I am back! Marriage ceremonies went off quite well. Thanks everyone for your wishes. Now I have a boss at home as well!

After finishing business school, many times I have considered retiring from blogging. But have still kept up, though only with occasional posts. What started off as an effort to capture life as a student at ISB has gone on to look at life beyond school - at post MBA career. I believe it is important to continue recording this experience, as it helps complete the picture and provides insights to MBA applicants on what to expect after getting the degree.

At work I am currently engaged in an initiative to build stronger financial services domain knowledge among employees. Domain knowledge is a key differentiator for this company and helps understand client businesses better. In a recent Forrester Report, MBAs in Cognizant were called the secret sauce for success because of the domain knowledge and business analysis skills they bring to the table.

Cognizant recently announced a change in top management. A Carnegie Mellon MBA would become the CEO from Jan. Interestingly, he is all of 37 years old. I wish I could be that successful when I turn 37. The COO is also a Carnegie Mellon MBA and the CFO is a Tuck (Dartmouth) MBA.

Cognizant as a company is doing well. As per recent earnings call, we are likely to hit the $1.3 bn revenue mark this year and have surpassed Satyam to become the fourth largest IT company in India, behind TCS, Infy and Wipro. Cognizant stock has also been doing great, and had briefly crossed the $70 mark. My stock options are becoming valuable!

I have had an opportunity to understand the offshore model better in the last one year, and it is now time to rotate into a new role. I am looking at taking up a client facing role. This will allow me to engage with clients face-to-face and to build relationships and grow accounts. The role would also involve domain consulting. I am looking at various such role options in the US and am trying to decide which way to go. Have got myself an L1A visa to this end.

Today's newspaper reported that picture-tube TVs would likely be extinct in two years. They will make way for LCD and plasma TVs. One can therefore expect significant price drops in this segment due to economies of scale. Technologies change so fast! Floppies have already become almost extinct. Blu-ray DVDs have also entered the market. We can expect a standards war soon.

Through this blog I have met many of my old friends with whom I had lost touch. Hats off to the many benefits of living in a connected world. Technology rules! I was also surprised to find many of my old friends/colleagues still reading my blog. Thank you for staying with me.


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