Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back after a long time. Am still in Delaware. Got a promotion - from Assistant Manager to Manager. Path ahead is Senior Manager -Director - VP... Long way to go!

We had an ISB alumni get together in NY sometime ago. It was nice meeting others in the area. Also met our Deputy Dean and got updates on what’s going on at ISB and future roadmap.

Bought an Apple Macbook. I am very impressed with the product. Now I spend more time on the macbook than on my Dell. Also bought a radar detector for my car and a Sony T50 digital camera that James Bond used in his most recent movie! Now I am hunting for a home theater system.

Did a bit of traveling as well. Have been to Atlanta and Virginia Beach. Also went to Philadelphia to watch a major league baseball game between Phillies and Chicago Cubs.

At work, I have been learning a lot about credit card processing. I am quite enjoying working with the business people who have spent their entire career in the industry. I am currently focusing on credit card authorizations, risk and customer strategy management, using products from FICO and Total System (TSYS).


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