Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Feeling relaxed now. Assignment submitted, readings done, case analyzed, class participation done. Came back from classes at 7 pm, played some ping-pong, had three-course dinner at the campus dining hall, and am now watching Friends. We have a Stats Quiz tomorrow on Probability, but after going through one of the most difficult days today, tomorrow's work seems like a piece of cake. Will go to sleep by 1 am today, which is very early by ISB standards.

One sad news today was that one member of my six-member study group has decided to leave ISB to join LBS. Sad because we will miss him, but I also feel happy for him. LBS maybe a better fit for him. This reminds me that there are people in our batch who decided to come to ISB over Top 20 US schools, including Kellogg, Duke, CMU etc, and I think also Wharton.

Speaking of LBS, a professor of General Management had last week come from LBS to teach us. He made the lectures extremely interesting, mostly because of his quick wit. I guess he must have received very high feedback rating from all of us.

Tomorrow promises to be a fun day, because we have a three day break after tomorrow. No classes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Will probably go for a movie tomorrow evening at the local Imax theater. There are lots of assignments, cases and readings to be done for Monday which will keep us busy through these three days.

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