Friday, May 21, 2004

Have put up a couple of pictures in the sidebar (finally figured out how to add pics). The first one is the wrong side of the Acad building of ISB. I am too lazy to go to the front to shoot a photo, so for the time being this should suffice. The next one is my pic, shot near Times Square in Manhattan. In case you are wondering who the blonde is, she's Elle Macpherson. She's over 6 feet tall! I am more like 5'9", a dwarf in comparison.

Nothing much happening on campus. Yesterday night there was a party, which had a thin attendance. There are lots of submissions due for Monday.

There were some snake sightings on campus. Mailboxes were full of emails about the snakes. Just when chicken pox threat disappeared, this new snakebite threat has emerged. But life goes on as usual.

Have a good weekend.

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