Saturday, May 29, 2004

My previous manager, Rob, left a nice long comment, as always praising all that is Belgian. Indeed, Belgian girls are the most beautiful, Belgian beer the best in the world, Belgian chocolates the most varied, and who can forget Tintin. I miss Belgium. Incidentally, Rob is Dutch, and not Belgian!

I am not going to put up my pic in suit, as I won't be able to handle all the fan mails that will start pouring in! (Actually I look like a dog wearing a suit). So instead, I have put up my doggy's pic.

Lots of things have been happening on campus. There were basketball matches between different sections. My section lost out, but we were declared the best cheerleaders. Dallas Cowboys, here we come!

The student election results were announced, and thankfully I did not win. Now I can devote the time to academics, and try to get a B or better grade.

Tomorrow I have to participate in BBC University Challenge Quiz contest. My mind is rusted now, so I don't think I can be very good at it.

Some people would like to know my GMAT score etc. It's not a great score. Here's a big clue: I did not hurt ISB's average GMAT score. As for undergrad grades, they are nothing to write home about.

Another person wanted to know how many of us here are from the major Indian IT firms. There are indeed many. I think there are at least 20 from Infosys, over 10 from Wipro, and so on.

I wanted to speak about the value of an MBA, but it's getting late, and I have to finish my assignments now. Probably next post. But I'll give this teaser - pay packages for some MBAs from Harvard etc start at close to USD 200,000. Is that reason enough to do an MBA? One could retire in five years as a millionaire, buy a small island off the coast of Florida, hire some Swedish massagers, and live happily ever after. Reality is quite different, and MBA has greater utility than that, so wait till next post.

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