Sunday, May 09, 2004

One of my batchmates had his birthday yesterday, so at midnight we dragged him to the campus swimming pool, and threw him in. This is called dunking, and is part of the ISB culture now.

There are some bystander casualties everytime there is a dunking. So another batchmate, who was standing close to the edge of the pool, was also pushed in. Now he had an expensive digital camera on him, and that went in too. Needless to say, the camera has stopped functioning. By the way, if he is reading this, I was not the one to push him.

We also dunked some of our batchmates who have received admits from the Indian Institutes of Management. The results were declared recently, and there are quite a few among us who have got such offers. Most are sitting on the fence, but at least one of them I talked to said he is going to decline the IIM Ahmedabad offer. No surprises there, as I heard that there are people who have declined Wharton and Stanford to be here. Does ISB rock or what?

As most of you would know, Friends finally came to an end last week. In India they don't telecast the latest episodes, so I will have to wait to see it, although I read that a DVD would be out this week itself. There has been some debate going on regarding Friends being an overhyped series. I tend to agree. There has been a lot of hoopla over nothing. I personally liked Spin City and Raymond better.

Gotta go, will be back soon.

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