Thursday, May 27, 2004

Question: Which sports event is the highest watched sports event in the world? (i.e. highest watched LIVE, and not on TV)

The answer appears at the end of this post.

Some alums have been kind enough to leave encouraging comments to my posts. One of the alums, Ramki, is already in the Blogger’s Hall of Fame!

Today we had a photo shoot. Had to wear suit et al, and looked my best. This photo would be used while publishing the recruiter’s handbook.

We also had a cake ceremony for all those in my section who had birthdays during this month. But only cake, no beer :(

We had a group case study submission few days back, and got the scored case back today. My group got one of the lowest marks. All group members are upset about it. We had suggested repositioning a conditioner brand, while the correct approach would have been reformulation coupled with repositioning. Cracking case studies correctly is important to land jobs in management consulting companies, so we clearly have a lot of work ahead of us.

There’s a lot of campaigning going on for the various posts in student clubs. There’s a girl from my section who is contesting me, and I am secretly hoping she wins. Girls are usually more creative, so she can do a better job than me.

I had promised to give some statistics of our batch, so here I go. The average GMAT score is 690, which has remained constant ever since the school was set up!
7% of the students have scores over 750 ! The range was 550-780.
The average age is 27 and average years of work experience is 5.
76% students are single. 19% of the students are women, but some of them are married. So sample space is very small, and thus a lot of competition!
There is a lot of diversity - Engineers, IT professionals, doctors, military folks, air hostesses, architects, marine engineers, investment bankers, accountants etc.

The students are from leading companies of the world, including McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Ernst& Young, Accenture, British Telecom, KPMG etc.

I have asked the Admissions office for some more statistics. I will post them as soon as I hear from them.

Next three days we don't have any classes, but have many submissions, so some more sleepless nights going forward.

I have received queries from some asking why one should do an MBA. In my next post, I will talk about why not!

The answer to the sports question is Tour De France.

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