Wednesday, May 12, 2004

There is another quiz tomorrow, a mid-term exam day after, and lots of submissions for Monday, which will spoil the weekend. Enough written about the back-breaking studies. Now let me focus on non-academic topics.

The campus is huge, I think over 230 acres. There is a Main Academic building, two student villages, executive and faculty housing, and a recreation center.

The student villages house all the students in either shared four-bedroom apartments or individual studio apartments. I have the luxury of a studio apartment all to myself. The standard of the apartments are pretty similar to what you would find in the US and Europe. These are fully furnished with beds, TV, sofas, kitchen utensils, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioners, telephones with voicemail, high-speed data ports for laptops etc. These are serviced apartments, meaning housekeeping would clean them, change linen and make your bed etc. The only complaint I have is that there is no bath tub.

The recreation center has facilities for swimming, squash, badminton, basketball, pool and gym. The center's airconditioning snapped the day we arrived at the campus, and I can tell you it's not very exciting to run on the treadmill when the outside temperature hovers around 40 celcius (over 100 fahrenheit easily).

The academic center has lecture theaters, which are pretty high-tech. All the room controls are automated, so you can push a button on the LCD display to remove the window blinds, and push another button to dim the lights etc. All kinds of gadgets are there in the classroom, from VCR to projector. The classrooms are obviously airconditioned.

Apart from classrooms, the acad center houses a dining hall, book store, bank, convenience store, mail room, various offices, library, auditorium etc. The food is decent enough, but one gets bored eating the same kind of exotic dishes everyday.

All the open spaces in the campus have wi-fi network access. Since most of the students have centrino laptops, they can log on to the network from anywhere in the campus without needing wires. So we can call ISB one of the most "non-wired" campuses in the country. The network is high-speed, similar to cable or DSL lines. So internet surfing is a breeze.

Off to bed, catch you later...

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