Monday, May 10, 2004

There is an empty feeling today. Everyone was expecting a surprise quiz or something else to disturb our peace, but nothing happened. It was one of the coolest days. Two lectures, no cold calling, no immediate assignments. Wish life was this simple everyday.

Tomorrow however we have a statistics quiz. So some reading to do tonight. Tomorrow we also have a presentation by an Army Officer about his experiences in the world's highest battlefield Siachen. This is supposed to teach us about leadership. My own brother, an Army Officer, has already done Siachen Dobara (twice), so I know a lot about what goes on up there. Compared to what they face, our MBA is a walk in the park.

Lot of you would be thinking that MBA is all work and no play. As I have said before, we do have fun whenever possible, and the work is not all that boring. For example, we had a Flight Simulator software, where we had to manage a low-cost airline company's operations. We could buy new planes, hire or fire employees etc. Final aim was to increase the airline's stock price to as high as possible. It is something that we would love to do even in our spare time.

In my last post, a comment was left asking me to post about international students in our batch. I don't have official figures, but I had heard the adcom people say that between 5 and 10 candidates of foreign origin had been offered admission. I think due to various reasons, only a couple (from Germany and the Middle East) were able to join finally. There are also a few of Indian origin who are US or UK citizens. And there would be many who are permanent residents of US and European countries. The Paki babe, that the commentor wanted to know about, apparently had problems securing an Indian visa, and thus did not join. This is all from grapevine, so take them with a pinch/bowl of salt. I know the Pakistani girl was a big hit among the previous batch when she had come to the campus for interviewing. I guess it's good that she did not come, or else there would have been a brutal fight over her!

Today we received notification of scholarships of HSBC and Citigroup. Probably six scholarships, each worth about $10,000. More details will be made available soon.

Till next time...

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