Friday, May 14, 2004

Those interested in placement related info, and are in a hurry, scroll down to the last few paragraphs.

The quizzes and mid-terms are all behind me now. Today everyone is enjoying life. Some have gone to a pub called Bottles and Chimneys, some have gone shopping, some are partying in their rooms, while still others are working out in the recreation center.

I worked out in the gym for sometime, then played badminton, had a little drink at one of the room parties, and at midnight celebrated a birthday by dunking the birthday boy in the pool, as well as getting myself dunked. It was a good midnight swim.

Speaking of badminton, it is one of those games that most Americans have not heard of. In fact, some US students are using the badminton route to get admissions into top universities. I guess there will come a day when badminton, cricket and men's soccer would become popular in the US, but that day is very very far. It is hard to change habits of sports viewers. Yankees rule!

An alum left a comment that the second term would be far more stressful than the current term. It just keeps getting worse! I hope we will get used to handling such pressures by then.

Finally something about placements. It's too early to talk about our placements, so I will talk about the recently graduated batch's placement. This must be historical information for regular ISB followers, but still I will put them here for the benefit of others who came in late. The approximate figures are: highest domestic annual salary was Rupees 2 million, and interestingly the offer was not taken up. The average domestic salary was Rupees 900,000. International average salary was USD 90,000 and highest was USD 150,000.

Almost all MBA recruiting companies came to campus. A few of them are McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, GE, Novartis, Unilever etc.

If anyone wants to know further details, please visit ISB's site at www.isb.edu, or leave a comment to my post.


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