Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Today's Stats mid-term was a revelation. Put in so much effort last night, yet could not solve most of the problems. Turned out that almost everyone was on the same boat. Just hours earlier, we had given a nice farewell to the Stats professor, who was going back to Carnegie Mellon University. Had we known he had set such a difficult paper for us….

From tomorrow, the second part of Stats would be taken up by a prof from Kellogg School of Northwestern University. Hope he will have some mercy on us and set a paper we can at least have a shot at.

To drown our sorrows, we all tried to forget about the exam. Some can be seen sitting in a group gulping beer, some are watching movies on their laptops, some are playing sports and so on. I played some ping-pong (called Table Tennis in India), badminton, basketball, cricket, and water polo. It was fun.

Meanwhile, I withdrew from the election. I just wasn’t up to it.

The Dell case study was somewhat interesting. It was discussed in class today, and was torn apart. The case was set in the year 1994, and we had to recommend whether Dell should go ahead with manufacturing laptop computers. Well, the verdict after two hours of analysis was that it should. As we all know, it indeed went ahead, and today is a leader in laptop sales in the US and much of the world. In fact I am writing this blog on a Dell laptop.

Someone left a comment wanting to know if I studied in an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The answer is no. I did my undergrad in one of the Regional Engineering Colleges in India. There are many students here who are from IIT. Speaking of IIT, I am proud that our nation has produced such great institutions of learning. IIT is today spoken of in the same breath as MIT, Stanford and Berkeley. It is a great honour. There was this feature on "60 Minutes" on US television about IITs, which was keenly watched by many. I was in a Hooters restaurant in New Jersey, celebrating my birthday with friends, when the program was screened. So I missed it. The next day I went to an American dentist for a routine cleaning, and she wanted to know if I was from an IIT. She was keen to send her son to IIT. So I sold her on the idea.

I am sure lots of Indians are glued to their TV screens watching the unfolding political situation. Incidentally I haven’t turned on my television for probably last 15 days. The only time I watch it is while having breakfast in the dining hall. The latest news is that Manmohan Singh is likely to become the prime minister. Let’s see what he can do for this country. This guy was a prof at the Delhi School of Economics. I wonder if we will soon have an MBA prime minister, similar to George W Bush, who has an MBA from HBS.

Okey dokey, talk to you later.

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