Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Trinity posted a good comment that I haven’t introduced myself yet. Well, I am your typical engineer-IT consultant and have 5.5 years of work experience with an Indian company called Wipro Technologies. I worked in India for six months, in New Jersey for 4 years and in Belgium and Norway for less than a year. I don’t know what else to write about myself. Well, one important thing is that I am single, so if anyone of you reading this is a single girl who is accepting applications, contact me!

Today’s Army leadership presentation was superb! There was capacity crowd, and it ended with a standing ovation. I salute these men.

ISB is no less than a boot camp I must say. Today turned out to be another cool day, with just one stats quiz. But the next few days are going to be action-packed. Tomorrow we have a quiz on marketing and on Friday we have a midterm exam for Accounting. It’s not even one month since we landed up here, and already we are neck deep in studies.

If the US and India are talking about elections, can ISB be far behind? Today student elections were announced. There would be presidents, vice-presidents etc for different clubs etc. May the most deserving win.

The biggest news on campus these days is chicken pox. Some of the students have been infected and quarantined. Others are scared of catching it. May the force be with us, and I hope they get well soon.

Someone suggested that we should get 7 hours of sleep to prevent catching the pox virus. So am headed to bed now. Damn tomorrow’s quiz. I can’t read 300 pages in one night anyway.

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