Thursday, June 17, 2004

As expected, Markstrat, the marketing strategy game, has started to ruin our lives. To launch just one product, we have to spend hours analyzing the different parameters of the market. We need to decide on how much to spend on advertising, R&D etc.

We also did a case on a Filipino fast food restaurant, Jollibee, which wanted to compete with McDonald's. They have branches in California, so the next time I am there, I will try their food.

Today I have a case on Barco, a Belgian beamer (projector) company.

Today evening we have a theme party to take our minds off all the load. The party will be color coded. Those who are single for the night will wear orange, and so on...Will I get lucky? Not counting on it. It doesn't work that way in India. Anyway, I can't spend too much time at the party as I have an all-night's work tonight on Markstrat.

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