Saturday, June 12, 2004

House Full. Every single movie was full-house today. Still there were long queues of people in the ticket counter. They must be booking in advance for next day’s shows. And thus I had to return without watching a movie today. My next door neighbour saw my long face, and predicted that my blog would start with this incident. I did not let him down.

Yesterday I had skipped going to the movies, and instead spent the evening on campus. I played tennis, and swam to heart’s delight. Today I played badminton and snooker. Life is so different now, with no worries about studies. But these days are coming to a swift end. Tomorrow I have to get back full steam into studying for Monday’s classes.

Term 2, which starts on Monday, will have some star professors who are the best in the world in their fields. Most of them are from Wharton School of UPenn. It’s going to be exciting I guess.

Back to Tintin’s Destination Moon. Explorers on the Moon will probably have to wait until next term break.

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