Monday, May 31, 2004

It's getting busier here with the end-term exams less than a week away. Today I managed only four hours of sleep.

Yesterday we had a discussion on a Citibank case. It was set in the year 1989, and the issue was whether Citibank should go into the credit card business in Asia-Pacific, and if yes, what it's marketing strategy should be.

We finished studying Game Theory. This theory involves Nash equilibrium, which is named after Nash of Princeton University who had won a Nobel Prize. The movie, A Beautiful Mind, was also about him.

This is the last week of classes for this term. Next week, after the exams, we have a five-day term break. But it will not be entirely free, as we will have HSBC and Citigroup scholarship contests during that time.

Now to why MBA. The compelling reason for most is a promotion into a managerial role. For instance, at the ISB, there are many IT professionals, who had been doing extremely well in their technical jobs. These people also have great soft skills. They would like to move up the ladder into middle and senior management. ISB intends to produce future leaders. So the MBAs would move up to head major corporations one day. To do that, one needs to know concepts of general management, which an MBA program teaches. An MBA also gives us a great network of batchmates and alumni. For some, MBA is the vehicle of choice for a career shift. For example, an MBA helps an Army officer or a marine engineer to enter the corporate world for a desk job. In many careers, an MBA is a rite of passage. Investment banks typically expect their Analysts to get an MBA before promoting them as Associates. Of course, higher salary is also a good reason to do an MBA. Many people double their salaries after this one-year MBA.

The MBA has a great value proposition, but I lack the time to explain it the way I would have liked to. Perhaps some other time.

I will be posting less frequently until the exams get over on Tuesday, June 8th.

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