Thursday, June 10, 2004

Last few days have been very relaxing. Wednesday I woke up late, had sumptuous breakfast, chatted with friends, ran up my telephone bill calling long distance, and went to an Indian movie in the evening.

Indian movies can be so lame sometimes. This movie, “Main Hoon Na”, was a sheer wastage of time. However it was refreshing to see civilization outside the campus, and nice to see so many women. I decided to return to the same multiplex the next day. Today I saw the movie, “Day After Tomorrow”. It had some good special effects, but overall not that great a movie.

I played squash after midnight, and then started watching yet another movie, this time on DVD in my room. This was the best of the lot, and had great music to boot. The movie was Coyote Ugly.

HSBC scholarship shortlist was announced, and predictably my name was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t have the word ‘Finance’ in my resume anywhere, so it would have been the case of ‘opposites attract’ had they selected me. I later learned that the position they were going to offer was for commercial banking, and not investment banking. Had they told this earlier, many people like me would not even have applied.

A British IT guy was recently in India, and here is an excerpt from his diary:

Even though I've become used to the Indian traffic I sit terrified in the back of a taxi to the airport as my driver weaves in between huge trucks and buses at breakneck speed. I'm struck by the 'peoplecarrier' motorbikes, the main form of transport for many families. It isn't uncommon to see the father riding the bike, with the mother perched precariously at the back (often side-saddle), the smallest child sitting on the petrol tank and another kid sandwiched between the parents.

Exam or no exam, it has become a routine to be up until late night. I will make an exception tonight, and will go to sleep now, it's just 1:40 AM.

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