Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Nothing much to report. The pressure remains high. Today we have to prepare a Chairman's report for our Markstrat decisions. I would also attend a talk by Mr. Rohit Arya, who is an authority on Indian cinema. It would have been nicer to hear it from actress Rani Mukherjee!
The world's number one venture capitalist, Dr Pramod Haque, would also be visiting ISB next week to talk on, what else but venture capitalism! He was ranked number one by Forbes, and here is a link of that: http://www.forbes.com/maserati/midas2004/LIRSN6V.html?passListId=99&passYear=2004&passListType=Person&uniqueId=SN6V&datatype=Person

Yesterday we had to read a Harvard Business Review article called Tipping Point Leadership. It spoke of an NYPD chief who cleaned up New York's streets of crime back in 1995, with help from mayor Guiliani. Indeed, Manhattan is now a very safe place. What the article did not mention is that Guiliani went on to remove strip clubs from Times Square and other places in Manhattan. The flip side is that people now need to travel to the other boroughs of NYC like Queens to visit these joints. I hope the new mayor Bloomberg will restore the past glory and bring back the clubs!

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