Monday, June 14, 2004

Term 2 finally started today. Fun days are over. I had been watching lots of movies last week because one doesn’t get a chance to watch movies during the six weeks a term runs.

Today’s first class was Leadership Development Program. An MBA from Thunderbird taught us how to be leaders. Today’s class wasn’t much interesting, but I am told it becomes interesting later on.

The other class today was Marketing, and it was interesting. We discussed Boston Consulting Group’s matrix, and the reasons a company might or might not want to enter a business segment.

Yesterday we had a term kick-off party. It also served as a send-off party for two of the highest officials of our Admissions department. They are leaving to pursue other opportunities. Next year’s intake would be higher at approximately 420 students, so the new Adcom director would have his hands full!

Tomorrow we have Global economics. I will finally come to know all about GDP, Inflation etc. Tomorrow we also have a Coke Vs Pepsi case in Competitive Strategy. It's going to be interesting.

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