Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Took out a few minutes from the hectic preparations and assignments. It's almost 3 AM, and I have no idea when I might get some sleep.

An Indian magazine, Business Today, has in its latest issue carried an article about the ISB. It says that the ISB salary is the highest among all the schools in the country. Nice to know that!

Biswajit wanted to know more about the scholarships. The only information we have been given so far is that HSBC is going to give two full-ride scholarships. It will cover tution, living, and other expenses. The caveat is that we have to join them after our MBA, and stay with them for at least three years. That's not too bad, considering they tend to offer high paying (100 grand plus) i-banking jobs in London and elsewhere! Details are awaited. And it's not that only Chartered Accountants bag these scholarships. I think last year it went to engineers. So the field is wide open for everyone to try their luck. I will post more about this when we get closer to the date of the scholarship.

Someone wanted to know how the married students are coping. Damned if I knew or cared. I am having trouble coping myself. All I can say is that your social life goes for a toss for this one year. You might have to study with your study group for hours together, going well into the morning hours. The spouses have their own association, and they learn to live in solitude I guess.

There is a beer brewed in the UK by an Indian company. It is widely available in Indian restaurants all over Europe. This company is thinking of entering the Indian market, and four ISB students will get a chance to devise the entry strategy. I have also shown my interest in participating in this project. Let's see who get's the chance.

Gotta go. But I will be back (in Schwarzenegger accent).

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