Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Have been through classes of all four subjects, and found all of them to be quite interesting. The profs are pretty good as usual. They are from the likes of NYU Stern, LBS, Darden Virginia and Kellogg.

I booked my tickets for Chennai for next term break. This will be my first time on Air Deccan. They are trying to be the Ryan Air of India, but their fares are still pretty high. Their website advertises their rate as Rupees 500 plus change, but when I actually book it, it turns out to be about 2000. A mainstream airline like Indian Airlines charges 2500, so there is not much difference. At ryanair.com, I had found fares as low as one euro to fly from Brussels to London!

This weekend we will have inter-section matches for badminton. I might participate and help my team lose, just like in table tennis. My section is yet to win a sports event! At least we are consistent.

If you are a prospective student with questions, you might want to visit the following sites:


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