Friday, July 09, 2004

Here are certain words taken from Businessweek that apply oh so well to my life:

MBA grads offer advice on school and work

You can get consumed by the work in business school if you let it. Do NOT let that happen. Some of the greatest learning for me, was the social time I spent with my classmates, learning about their experiences and using that information to better
understand what I want to do. Also, life does not "go on hold" while you're at business school, you have to take the time you need to make sure you have balance or you may lose something that you do not want to lose. Remember, business school is only
two years long, normal life resumes afterwards!
-Fuqua '96, Management Consultant

Be social. Be decent. It's more important to befriend your classmates than to beat them out for grades.
-Columbia '97; Entrepreneur

It is very difficult to balance the workload and maintain the semblance of a normal lifestyle. While I had to put some lifestyle elements on the back burner during B-school (school friends, family, favorite TV shows), the extra mileage I got out of getting involved with school activities and getting to know my classmates definitely paid off. Constructing a solid network of friends in B-school really carries over to your life in the "real world". The old friends and family events are fairly easy to catch up with.
-Fuqua '98; Brand Manager

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