Sunday, July 04, 2004

I have been unable to blog for quite sometime now. Blame it on the inhuman workload of this week. Thursday we had planned to finish the final decision of Markstrat, but postponed it to Friday. We had just finished mid-term exam on Thursday, so we were in a mood to chill out. I played all sorts of sports for a couple of hours, and then went to the local IMAX theatre to watch Harry Potter, which has become famous as Hari ka Puttar in local circles. Came back at 2 in the night, and crashed into bed. Friday we sat for Markstrat, and finished taking decisions. All day Saturday & Sunday we had Leadership Development Program. Made lots of presentations, and got over stage fright! Saturday night I played in inter-section table-tennis match, and lost in the second round. Slept only 3 hours last night. That sums up the events of the crazy last few days.

Today markstrat decisions came out, and surprisingly we made over 100 million. We should probably be in the top 10% in the campus, we’ll come to know our relative position tomorrow.

Another thing that happened today was something called Aikya, a family host network. Each study group was assigned to some prominent business family of the city. They would be like our local guardians, we can go to their home and eat local food etc.

I signed up for tennis coaching here at ISB. Hope I can impress some girls with my skills soon.

Next week should be relatively easier on us, but am keeping fingers tightly crossed.

Happy 4th of July to readers in the US. No Macy's NYC fireworks show for me this year.

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