Friday, July 30, 2004

I qualified to represent my section in badminton. But am unlikely to play. It is better to cheer from the sidelines. There are points for best cheerleader too!

Today I attended two talks. First one was by big shots from Amazon.com . Being an IT guy, I found the talk very interesting. They told us that they are looking to hire the best talent from India, and thus would target the IITs for software engineers and ISB and IIMs for product managers. I might submit my resume, but since I have no experience in product management, I may not have any chance.

The second talk was by the founder of Cobra Beer. He seemed to be a smart guy, and also very successful. The beer would probably get launched in India in September.

Guys, check this website out: http://www.businessschooladmissions.com/diary/ . You’ll see me there!

And this website gives a listing of MBA blogs: http://mbaleague.blogspot.com/

I have also got ISB added to the interview database at http://www.accepted.com/mba/interviews/search.asp?bhcp=1

Also, on the right I have added a pic of the student village where I live, and removed a few older pics.

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