Thursday, July 08, 2004

This week is also turning out to be crazy. I couldn’t find time to attend my tennis lessons, missed a few presentations, and am still barely able to keep up with the study load.

Yesterday we had a top prof from NYU Stern, who told us about Valuation and Corporate Finance. Afterwards I spent five hours working on the entry strategy of a beer company that wants to sell in India. In the process I learnt so much about the beer industry that next time I am in a bar, I can boast my knowledge to impress people.

Tomorrow we have to submit an assignment that I haven’t yet looked at, we need to prepare for a group work, we have to read a huge Dell case, and there are a whole lot of other things to read, which I will not be able to complete before classes start tomorrow morning.

Despite all this work load, overall I am very happy with the ISB program. The profs are simply excellent, and the facilities great. Yesterday I visited the executive housing building for the first time, and was highly impressed with its quality. It’s just like a star hotel. Perhaps I will return some day to attend an executive program at the ISB!

There was a request to give more info on Aikya. Best place to find out more is http://www.isb.edu/pgp/life/index_life.html?topic=feel_right.html .

Our student newsletter Harbinger cannot be put on the internet because it’s meant for internal circulation only. I believe we have had problems in the past with the media misinterpreting the gossip of Harbinger.

Regarding the leadership development program, it’s a way to expand our thinking abilities and to understand different ways to lead. It’s a combination of lectures and workshops. The workshops are a great way to practice skills like public speaking, interviewing etc.

This weekend will be extremely busy with two huge assignments. Signing off…

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