Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Today is our last class of this term. What a relief! To mark this occasion, my section will don all-black attire to class. It’s theme dressing. As per my suggestion, best dressed male and female will get to cut a cake. Should be fun. Alas I don’t have black trousers!

My score in the economics mid-term exam turned out to be the same as the median score, and a notch above mean. I am happy that for a change I didn’t end up in the bottom.

Yesterday we had the MD & CEO of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer talk to us. He is also the president of the Confederation of Indian Industries. He had a meeting with the President of India later in the day!

Yesterday I was appointed the manager of online communications. So it will be my responsibility to reach out to prospective students through various discussion boards etc. I guess you guys will see a lot more of me going forward. If anyone has questions about admissions etc, feel free to mail me through the Email link on this page. I will shortly post information about a more formal channel of communication.

Day before yesterday we were informed of the placement policies for out batch. A new rule this year puts a cap of 2 offers per student. This means we need to be really careful as to which companies we apply to.

Past couple of days have been quite busy with a write-up on Competitive Strategy. We are a group of three doing an analysis of the business process outsourcing industry in India, with particular emphasis on two companies – WiproSpectramind and Daksh (IBM).

It’s 3:30 am, so I better hit my bed and get horizontal!

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