Sunday, July 18, 2004

Tomorrow is the D-Day. We have Competitive Strategy and Global Economics exams tomorrow. 

Our dining hall visits have become shorter. For instance, yesterday some of us were eating dinner and our aim was to finish eating in ten minutes so that we could get back to studying. But just as we were finishing up, another friend joined us at our table. She was a close friend, so we waited for her to finish. Just as this person was finishing up, another asked if she could join us. “Sure” was the answer in chorus, although it was not from the heart. So finally it took over thirty minutes to wrap up eating. At the next meal, we sat at an obscure corner so that nobody could see us. It worked like a charm; we could finish without anyone joining at the last minute!
This term break I am planning to buy a computer speaker system. Some of my batchmates have purchased the Altec Lansing AVS300B, so I might go for the same too. 

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