Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Yesterday night we went to watch a Hindi movie called Lakshya. It got over at 1:30 AM, came back and went to sleep. Woke up late, missing breakfast. At lunch another classmate asked me to accompany him to the same movie. I had nothing better to do, so I went again. Incidentally I got the same seat as yesterday! Anyway, I slept through the movie, as Hindi movies are a pain to watch a second time.
We also booked tickets for Spider Man 2 for Friday. That should be interesting, especially on a huge IMAX screen.
Am watching so many movies because term-break is the only time when we can spare time for such activities. Once classes start, I won’t be able to watch anything at all.
I bought a Wilson badminton racquet, as I am tired of borrowing racquets all the time. Day after tomorrow I will purchase tennis and ping-pong racquets too.
Citigroup announced two $12,500 scholarships. Applications are due this Friday. No further details are available.
Some of my classmates went to the beach town of Vizag today. They pressured me a lot to join them, but I had too many things on my plate for the term break, so couldn’t go. Next term break I will probably be going to Chennai, so I will enjoy the beach there. I belong to Calcutta, so that is where I want to go most, but it’s not worth spending thousands of bucks on airfare for such a short visit. Airlines are too damn expensive in India. Moreover, I have got used to staying away from home for long periods of time. I used to come to Calcutta only once a year when I was overseas.
Breakfast closes at 10:45 AM, so I have to wake up by 10:30 to not miss it again tomorrow. Sayonara. Hasta la vista.

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