Sunday, August 29, 2004

Exams start tomorrow, and I am not even halfway through the preparations. I think I got carried away with above average marks that I got in mid-term exams, and neglected preparing for the finals. We have three exams, two on Monday and one on Tuesday. Entrepreneurship exam was of the take-home variety. Yesterday night we worked until 5 am on it. It’s pretty much a consulting assignment, where we have to provide a turnaround strategy to a real-world firm.

Until last week I thought I would major in Tech and Marketing, but when we filled in the elective bidding form a few days back, I gave Tech and Finance as my choices. The driving force was to take courses that I would never again take or use in life. Hence Finance.

I may not be accessing the internet for next one week while I relax in Chennai on term break. So talk to you a week from now.

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