Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I came to ISB with the intention of returning to the IT industry. But the marketing class in term 2 was so good that I started having thoughts about a marketing career. Then in term 3 came entrepreneurship, which simply took my breath away. Now I have plans to found my own thing. But tomorrow’s Corporate Finance class will probably get me motivated to work in the most dashing of all careers, Finance. We haven’t had any courses in IT so far. Next term when we have it, I’ll have come a full circle, back to square one. I have a feeling that IT is where I am meant to be, notwithstanding my likings for other fields.

Today we published our student newsletter, Harbinger. I have been receiving good feedback from everyone about it, so all the hard work paid off.

Tomorrow we have mid-term exams, so I am off to studying.

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