Sunday, August 15, 2004

The time since the mid-term exams has been one of the most carefree at ISB. Yesterday early morning (8 am) I got myself up from the bed and pulled my body to the auditorium for the Indo-China talks. The speakers were from McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, McDonald’s, HBS, Planning Commision, etc. Interesting discussions, bringing up the good and bad sides of both India and China. Came to know about Pudong near Shanghai in China, which looks like any other Western city, with great roads, flyovers, skyscrapers etc.

In the night we had a theme party for Indian Independence Day. Everyone was in ethnic wear, dressed to kill. The food was awesome, and the party rocking.

After a long time the Independence Day has fallen on a Sunday. This means New Yorkers will be able to have India Day parade on the 15th itself. I had attended it four times, and every time it was a few days off because it had to be on a Sunday.

Today woke up after 10 am, had a huge breakfast, and realized I had missed Kellogg’s Dean’s address, which was at 9:30 am. Afterwards some of us went to a part of the campus we had never seen – the lake and dam area. It was beautiful. Now after lunch, some of us will spend the lazy afternoon visiting the nearby IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology). Hope they have women studying there.

Tonight I will have to get back to the world of Corp Fin, Operations, Accounting and Entrepreneurship. I don’t even know what all needs to be done for Monday.

I wish all weekends at ISB were this fun.

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