Thursday, August 19, 2004

Well, let me recollect the events of the past few days. There were case studies and assignments galore, and loads of readings. Yesterday night we were swamped with too many things. I was lucky to go to bed by 3 am, giving me lots of hours of sleep before the 8:30 am class. Many others kept on working all night.

Tuesday I attended a meeting of the website team, and had a sneak peek of the new ISB site. I gave my inputs on look and feel, navigation, menus etc. Today I attended the second meeting, and saw many of the suggested changes had already been incorporated. Final meeting is on Monday. The site should be launched by Sep 10th.

One course I have started admiring is Operations. Today we studied how Vancouver airport had reduced congestion at security checkpoints using concepts that we are currently studying, like throughput, bottleneck etc.

Tomorrow we have to bid for elective courses. This is actually a test run of a new bidding software. This will give a sense of which courses are most sought after. Actual biddings will begin next term onwards. Each of us has 4000 points of beginning balance, which we have to divide between four terms/16 courses. Negotiation Analysis is one course that every student wants, so the bids will be high for that. Rest of them should be average.

Today we also had a session about ELP, which is the internship substitute here. Right after our term break, we have to give preferences of projects we want.

Finally, on Monday we have an entrepreneurship case study on a Chennai, India based company called Alacrity. The founder-CEO will himself be present in the class to give us his perspectives. Now that’s cool.

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