Sunday, September 05, 2004

Deccan Air was a mixed experience. Flight delays and bumpy landing were more than compensated for by the smile of the extremely hot airhostess. So much so, that I ended up giving her my cell phone number. She said she’ll call me. As luck would have it, my phone stopped functioning immediately after. Numerous calls to the customer service of my phone company were fruitless. Life is not fair! Anyway, before you start thinking that I am a weirdo to have hit on her, this was the first time I did anything like this.

Chennai was just like any other Indian city. Just hotter. I met some prospective students at a café there. I also visited a Bose audio store. The demo at Bose was pretty similar to the US ones. But the prices were more than double. In fact, for the price of a high-end system, one can actually buy a round-trip ticket to the US and buy it there. It will work out to be cheaper.

My place of stay was next to the famed Marina beach, the world’s second longest beach. I had access to a private military beach, so could enjoy the sun and sand away from the crowds. I also visited a place called Mahabalipuram. There were some very old temples there. The entry ticket for seeing the temples was Rupees 5 for Indians, and USD 5 for foreigners (or Rupees 250) ! There were additional charges for taking camera and camcorder inside.

All good things come to an end, and so has the term break. The final core term starts a few hours from now.

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