Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It took a while to get back into the groove here. Monday morning blues spawned thoughts like I have had enough of MBA studies, now please let me go. But after two days of classes, I have started liking it here again.

This term the courses are somewhat non-quantitative for a change. These are Government, Society & Business, Investment Analysis, Management of Organisations and Strategic Analysis of Information Technology. Most of the profs are Americans and highly qualified.

Yesterday we had the Israeli ambassador visiting our campus. He gave a talk to us, and answered our questions. Security people were all over campus.

It’s time for me to decide whether to take ELP (Experiential Learning Project). This is like an internship/project which is worth one credit. It takes up 10-15 hours a week for more than 4 weeks. Instead I could take some one-credit course and spend less hours. Some of the projects are very interesting, so am in a quandary.

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