Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It’s busy like hell. It’s already 1:30 am and I have not even started reading for tomorrow’s classes. Today is the last day for deciding about the Experiential Learning Projects. I have been in two minds on whether to take it up. It requires 10-15 hours of work every week for about 8 weeks. As of now I have written an expression of interest in taking up Amazon.com’s India entry strategy project, but I will be happy if I don’t get selected for it, so that I can have relaxed weekends.

Yesterday we had Promod Haque, the world’s number 1 venture capitalist visit us. He gave an interesting talk. Sitting there listening to him, I started thinking how an MBA has changed me. I was able to understand everything that he said, and decipher every term he used. Only later I realized that he is also an MBA (Kellogg). If MBAs don’t understand each other’s language, who else would?

One fabulous news is that my batchmate Shyam has been selected as an MBA journal writer by BusinessWeek.

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