Thursday, September 09, 2004

It’s Thursday, which means we have completed classes for this week. My plan is to watch some movie on my notebook, and sleep early. From tomorrow we have to get back to completing readings and assignments for next week’s classes.

This term we have one course on IT, so all the engineers were happy that finally they will have a chance to kick some ass and do better than the CAs. However, it turns out that the course is pretty general, more on strategy, which can be aced by poets too.

I think the course I like most this term is Investment Analysis. I can now confidently utter words like NYSE, NASDAQ, S&P500, T-Bills, IPO, Securities, Options etc and scare my non-MBA engineer friends.

Today many CIOs from Netherlands visited the ISB. They asked us how India might sustain its advantage in IT outsourcing, given that the salaries are rising very fast. They also wanted to know why India was only doing routine work and not coming out with industry leading processes. Why is it that processes like CMM come from the US and not India, if India were indeed an IT superpower? Great questions, I must say. Many of us responded to these questions, but the fact remains that we are not there yet.

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