Saturday, September 25, 2004

This week had two mid-term exams which sucked the life out of me. I slept all day today to recoup some of the life. Everyone is chilling out now as if it is term break. Every club has talks organized, so you can walk in into any classroom or auditorium or even the open spaces in the atrium and find some CEO or high-flyer giving a talk or interacting with students. But I decided to shut myself out from every worldly event and found bliss in sleeping. I am up now, and about to tailgate into a party at the other hostel. This is another theme party, the theme being I-banker. So attendees are supposed to wear tie etc. I will of course go in t-shirt. No dress code for me. The greatest thing about this party is free booze and free kebabs.

I got myself 2.1 speaker system for my laptop. Movies will never be the same again. Yesterday there was a screening of Seabiscuit in the auditorium, but I decided to enjoy it in my ‘home theater’ system instead.

Friday I gave a campus tour to a delegation of a Californian mayor. He asked me why I had come to ISB, and I recited to him everything I had written in my application essay. He seemed impressed! He looked quite a bit like the mayor in Spin City. And Caitlin was there too! Just that her name was Kristin.

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