Monday, September 13, 2004

Today we had a lecture on Negotiations. We broke out in groups of two, and one became a recruiter and the other a candidate. The candidate had to negotiate for good salary, bonus, place of posting, insurance plan, joining date etc, and the recruiter had to try to deny as much as he could. It was great fun. The takeaway was to see what mattered the most to each of them. If salary was the most important thing for the candidate, the recruiter could agree to it, but then the recruiter would cut back on say bonus, which may be the most important cost to his company.

Somehow the dining hall has started serving very delicious food these days, which means I have started eating to my heart’s content. The visits to the gym have reduced at the same time. This Thursday I am going to make up for it all by working out and playing three sets of tennis.

This term is the last core term, which means we get to form new study groups from next term. So our current study group decided to go out for dinner on Friday to rekindle the memories of working together.

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