Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Today we had to submit a price that we were willing to pay for a share of Google. This required valuing them by analyzing their financials. Surprisingly, the price came out to be much lower than the current market price. So we should really expect Google price to go down in the future.

As part of our Government, Society and Business course, we had to read portions of Human Development reports, and had to make presentations on topics like human rights, child mortality etc. This type of work is called faff, and we have plenty of it this term.

One of the effects of being in an MBA program is that I have developed a liking for business news. So much so, that whenever I open samachar.com, I straightaway go to the business section. But today I surfed some general news sites, and found out about the Kerry-Bush debate that will be held this week. I would love to watch it if I can find the time. Next few days will be busy because my group has to prepare a 15 minute presentation and a 15 page report on outsourcing.

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