Saturday, September 18, 2004

Well, I did not get the amazon.com project, and instead ended up with a project for the ISB Admissions Department, which was my second choice. I am now thinking that I should not have bid for any project, as that would have saved me a lot of time in the next two months. Now all my weekends will get spent on this.

I represented my section in inter-section quiz today, and lost. Our section has a great track record of losing every event. However, we won the men’s and women’s soccer, which was a great surprise.

Today Wipro COO Rohit Kumar visited the ISB to give a talk on Energy and Utilities in the IT sector. He is a Wharton MBA, and had worked in BCG and Accenture prior to joining Wipro. This was a great networking opportunity for me, so I had lunch with him and discussed the career opportunities for MBAs in Wipro. The bottom-line is that every MBA wants to go to the Sales and Marketing functions, nobody likes Delivery. But delivery is where all the overseas opportunities are.

I also attended an Admissions Information session, where about 60 prospective students had turned up. Immediately after that there was a panel discussion in the auditorium on Outsourcing, so many of them got to see that too. Of course they will go home happy with the experience, while we will have to slog and prepare for the quiz on Monday which will be based on what the speakers said in the discussion.

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