Friday, October 08, 2004

Here's an applicant's blog http://sathyaraj.blogspot.com/ . I met him in Chennai a month back. It's always fun to read applicant's blogs. There was one last year by I think someone called Tad Holbie, where he had put up pics from all the campuses he had visited, and kept updating people about his progress with the applications.
Today whole day got wasted thinking and rethinking about what electives to take, and how much points to bid. Finally I submitted whatever my close friends were submitting.
After a long time I put on the TV tonight. Such urges come only before exams. Saw The Apprentice. It was about running Planet Hollywood's restaurant in Times Square, NYC. I have been to that restaurant, so it brought back memories. Who knows, six months from now I might be eating there again!

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