Sunday, October 31, 2004

I am still having second thoughts about applying to JD Power. There is no time to research the company or industry. If I apply, it will be with a very generic expression of interest. I am also not applying to the Wharton-ISB project because it will require travel to Philly after graduation.
Today I attended a talk by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon. Didn’t find it interesting as I have no interest in biotechnology. After that I attended another talk by a person from KPMG who wants to certify us as Six Sigma Green Belt. I signed up for the training which will be held in December. My company had been insisting on such a training for a long time, so I’ll now find out what all the hoopla about Six Sigma is.
Yesterday night there was a party at the other student village. It was for the birthday celebration of one of my close friends. I had free beer, free kebabs, and nice company – the works. After about ten minutes there, I realized I had to study for the mid-term exam on Wednesday, so while she was not looking, I ducked out of there. It’s so hard to have a sensible social life while at ISB.
I have added a link called atom feed in the sidebar. If you know what it is and how to use it, go ahead and use it.

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