Thursday, October 21, 2004

I bought ‘How would you move mount Fuji’ today. This is the book that helps in preparing for Microsoft’s interview. I had been under the impression that Microsoft is interested only in people with background in MS technologies. But some alums working there clarified that background does not matter. So I will give it a shot. I also joined a focus group of Microsoft. I and some fellow students will give our opinion on some of their forthcoming products. Since their office is very near to ISB, it would be easy to do.

My article for Hindustan Times on ISB and MBA will be published in the Delhi edition around the third week of November.

There is another PPT on Monday. It is by JD Power for their Singapore office.

This term the most oversubscribed course was Marketing Implementation. This was because the prof is a highly rated one. So while regular courses had low cutoffs in the vicinity of 250 bidding points, MI went up to 1100. The interesting thing in this course is that it teaches marketing from an Indian perspective. It has case studies on Indian companies like Hindustan Lever. Most of us draw a blank when asked about India. We didn’t know the number of cities or villages, the number of retailers in Chennai etc. In fact, I don’t know the number of states in India, and have difficulty in recalling the Prime Minister and President’s names! On the other hand, I know a lot about the US. So such courses are very welcome!

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