Saturday, October 02, 2004

I finally pulled out of the ELP (Experiential Learning Project). It was a strategic project for the Admissions Department, and would have been very interesting, especially because I had got a great team with me. But it would also have required a lot of hours on weekends and term break. After a lot of thought, I took this hard decision.
This decision provided instant gratification. Yesterday when I was playing badminton, most of the other students were sweating it out working on their ELPs!
Today we had a dry run of the new elective bidding system. I bid for five courses for the next term, and got four of them. Am on the waiting list for the fifth one. It was hard to decide which courses to take, with many interesting ones lined up. I finally opted for three marketing and two finance courses. Tuesday we have the actual bidding, and I have to devise a strategy to win all my courses. One interesting thing is that we can also bid for the time slots. I am not a morning person, so I gave higher preference to getting late-morning or afternoon classes.

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