Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Lots of things are happening on campus. First there was the Deutsche Bank PPT which kick started the campus recruitment program for our batch. The person giving the presentation had an enviable background – IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad, McKinsey India and Switzerland, MS from Harvard, offers from McK, BCG, Goldman, Lehman, Deutsche etc, selected Deutsche. The aim of the talk was to attract people from all backgrounds to investment banking. There was one consistent theme in his talk – come to i-banking because you can become seriously rich if you do so. He bashed MC jobs because they don’t pay well enough, and you don’t rise to responsible positions in as short a time there as you do in i-banking. He also said that the lifestyle is better in i-banking, and you don’t have to work late nights and weekends if you join his division of global markets.
I would probably submit my resume, knowing all too well that I won’t be short listed.
The only way to join an i-bank is to either join it from another i-bank or through campus. So this may be the only opportunity to apply to them.

The other big story on campus is course sampling. Mon and Tue were for sampling the different courses on offer in this term. I attended 7 classes in these two days. Finally I decided to stick with my original course selection. The interesting part is study group formation. We no longer have groups fixed by the administration. So we are free to choose our friends. Lots of mails are floating around where people are seeking members for their groups. I have formed my groups with my closest friends, so life would be easy this term.
Tomorrow we don’t have classes because many people would add/drop courses based on their sampling experience. I am thinking of using this break to go to the city to see Durga Puja.

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