Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Past few days have been very busy. We have loads of assignments and group meetings. Have been running around from one meeting to next, finishing up the group assignments.

JD Power Pre-Placement Talk was informative. The work is Market Research, which is also a course I have taken this term. The position is of Manager, which is a high level position in their hierarchy. The job location initially will be Singapore, and the pay package is a handsome one. I might apply.

The five subjects I took this term are Marketing Research, Marketing Implementation, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Indian Financial Systems, and Options and Futures.
All of them are demanding ones, especially the finance ones. For example, the Indian Fin Systems is not just about history of the Indian markets, but a very quantitative subject. You can’t understand Indian Financial Systems without a calculator and a spreadsheet!

One of my batchmates has won the TCS Smart Manager case contest. I will be putting up the report in ISB website soon. ISB team also won a few events at the IIM-Ahmedabad b-school competition. There is another event at IIM-Bangalore where some are going. ISB is gearing up to organize its own inter b-school event called Poseidon next month. Preparations are in full swing.

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