Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yesterday exams got over – what a relief! Immediately after the exam I headed out to the city to get away from all the studies. Saw the movie Bride and Prejudice. Didn’t like it. Too many song and dance sequences.
Today morning went to play golf. Came back and started working my way through the hundreds of emails that have piled on in my outlook during the exam period.
Today evening I’ll be going out for dinner with my study group. We need to decide between Ohri's, Hyderabad House and Taj Krishna.
Tomorrow on behalf of ISB I need to write a piece for the Hindustan Times on the value of an MBA. Having a writer’s block already.
This Friday again we have a campus visit program for prospective students. I will be present to answer questions and show them around the campus.
Every time I return to campus from the city, it strikes me how much of an island the campus is. It’s a luxury resort, an oasis of peace, far removed from the mad traffic of the city. The feeling is just like returning to the US from India. Except that instead of a flight, it is by an autorickshaw.

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