Sunday, November 28, 2004

I earned my freedom at 3 pm yesterday. Assignment got submitted, and I became a free man again. Immediately went to attend Poseidon events. Participated in only one event, the business quiz with prize money of Rs 20,000, and didn’t qualify. Rest of the events were spectator events as far as I was concerned. There were paper presentations, debates, antakshari etc going on all over the place. The icing on the cake was fashion show performed by ISB guys and gals. I got into a great position close to the ramp, and took pictures to my heart’s content. Then after dinner we had footloose – the mother of all parties. It was similar to all the other parties we have had, but there were some new faces. We have been hosting students from practically all major b-schools of the country since yesterday. So the campus is looking full in spite of many ISB students having left for home for term break. Anyway, the party wasn’t so much fun for me as I could only get to dance with spouses! Let’s see if I can find some good company during tonight’s rock show.

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